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Here at Wyoming Welding & Machine LLC, we are committed to the concept of Economic Excellence. We believe that every customer and every application is unique. Some customers demand tight tolerances with exotic materials such as titanium and stainless. Their applications are demanding and exacting. For some customers, their most critical design component is receiving quality products that stay within a tight budget. For them, the price is a driving design parameter. The variety of our customers, and the broad spectrum of their industries, is what makes us excited and eager to come to work every day. Regardless of what makes your project challenging, we look forward to meeting your challenges and innovating a tailored solution that provides you with Economic Excellence. If you would like to know more about how we can help you achieve economic excellence, please give us a call.




Daniel Johlman



Once I got married in 2013 I settled down in Sheridan, Wyoming to start a family and a business. Since then it has been a thrill to meet people across the industries who are also committed to excellence in their fields. One of my personal passions has been welding titanium. We have developed unique processes, tooling, and methods to weld this exotic metal.

My goal is to Be Uncommon Amongst Uncommon People. Are you an uncommon person? Is your project an uncommon project? Do you require unique solutions to your complex dynamics? If so, I would love to chat with you and discover how our talents can combine to achieve Manufacturing Excellence.

When I am not working I like to spend time with my family, hopefully on the golf course, in the elk woods, or behind a precision rifle. I am also passionate about adult softball in Sheridan and serve on three different non-profit organizations that promote a healthy and active Sheridan community.

If you've given me enough of your time to make it this far, thank you.

Excellence... as a way of Life.

founded Wyoming Welding & Machine because I have a passion for excellence and I wanted to grow beyond the constraints of my day job. Before I launched our business I spent many years welding, fabricating, and manufacturing. From field welding on installations and repairs to working in factories and oilfields, I have done work across a wide spectrum of industries. Welding has taken me from the Mexican border to the Canadian border and from the Ohio River valley to the Rocky Mountains.

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We are committed
to Excellence


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